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Specification for LAGUNE® FRONTFIX

Specification for LAGUNE® FRONTFIX

The external sun screen consists of a fabric roller blind that keeps out direct sunlight while partly maintaining the view.

The sun protection is integrated into the front bar of the basic structure of the Lagune.
The fabric with the zip that has been welded on runs in the side channels via a guide system.
That makes the screen wind-resistant in every position.
In addition to the high-performance technical properties, this product has a high-quality finish. The means of attachment are virtually invisible® the electrical cables are hidden and an invisible ground attachment is possible.
This system is placed in the housing of the front bar. After clipping the front profile open and removing the aluminium sealing profile, the fabric roll is shoved into the front bar and set firmly.
The electrical cables are integrated completely in the basic Lagune.
The side guides are screwed onto the columns.

With a height ≤ 2.5 m, it is possible to integrate vertical sun protection in the overhead patio covering.

"Depending on the width/configuration of the Lagune, there are two types of front bars (with fabric housing).
- Small front bar: If all of the Front-section widths ≤ 4 m (depth 158 x height 190) If even one Front-section width > 4 m (depth 158 x height 230)
The sides of the front bar at the gutter both have an aluminium side console, which serves as a finishing for the front bar. At the rear and front profile, the front bar is screwed between the columns.
The housing is closed by a front profile that hinges in the rear profile and can be removed.
The front profile has a brush that runs the entire length of the profile. That reduces the dirt, the wind and the noise.
An extra sealing profile in extruded aluminium is also provided on the front bar. There is a brush on this profile, creating a complete visual seal between the front bar and the bottom rails of the zenital sun protection.

The roller barrel wit fabric groove is made of either aluminium or galvanised steel.
The fabric roller barrel has a recessed fabric groove to limit compression of the fabric strap.
The end pieces are conical to compensate for the thicker ends of the zip.
The roller barrel can always be removed after removal of the front profile.

"Glass fibre fabric, semi-transparent.
This type of fabric cannot be distorted and is resistant to heat and humidity (fire class M1).
The vertical borders have a zip. Top and bottom are high-frequency welded."
All screens are made from one piece of fabric unless the height is > the width of the fabric roller. A welded horizontal seam is then needed.
Weight glass fibre fabric, semi-transparent : ± 535 g/m², thickness 0.55 mm.
It's possible to integrate the crystal fabric into the basic fabric (=Glass fibre fabric or polyester)
"Crystal fabric
This type of fabric consists of PVC. (fire class M2)
The crystal fabric will be high-frequency welded into the basic fabric "
Weight crystal fabric: ±610 g/m², thickness 0.50 mm.


The side channels (visible width 29 x depth 160 mm) are made of extruded aluminium. Those side channels are three-fold. With its staggered form in the columns and the side channels, the side channels can be screwed into the column easily and correctly.
There is an H-PVC side channel integrated into each side channel/side beam² the side channel has neoprene buffer zones (60 mm long) to withstand the wind gusts. The zip, which is welded to the fabric, is slid onto those H-PVC side channels and the fabric is ‘held fast’ in that way. When installed correctly, there is sufficient clearance between the screen and the aluminium side beams/side channels and the H-PVC side guides to ensure smooth operation.

The bottom rail (60 mm H x 38 mm D) is made of extruded aluminium and is weighted with round, galvanised steel rods (ø30 mm, 5.54 kg/rm)
The weight is covered with PE foam to prevent contact between aluminium and steel.
This bottom rail is provided with plastic end pieces.
A plastic sealing strip is provided as a seal.

The side channels, along with the (weight) of the bottom rail, provide the ideal guide for the fabric when the vertical sun protection moves up and down.

All of the visible aluminium profiles and extruded aluminium parts are coated in RAL colour (60 micron to 80 micron).

All items are secured using stainless steel screws.
These parts are virtually invisible.

"This screen meets European standard EN13561 (Compliant to wind resistance class 3)

This product is manufactured according to, complies with and/or has been tested according to:
EN 13561

"Electrical: using a 230 VAC tubular motor, without manual override.
The connection is included in the sun protection set.
The power supply and all wiring are included in the electrical set."

The power supplies up to the relay boxes are included in the electrical set in accordance with the wiring diagram provided by the supplier. Wiring is provided from the relay boxes to each motor, including control switches and automatic actuators with measuring devices. The electrician will also fit a junction box to each motor for later connection of the motor cable by the sun screen installer. If sufficiently long, the motor cable can be connected directly without a junction box.
The electrical wires are completely integrated into the patio overhead covering making them almost invisible.